Cool Comfort for Your Neck - The Design Beauty of samply OutCool U-Flex Cooling Pack

Cool Comfort for Your Neck - The Design Beauty of samply OutCool U-Flex Cooling Pack

"The design concept of Cooling Pack stems from a profound understanding and fulfillment of ""people."" We pursue not only the functionality of the product but also the harmonious integration with the user, bringing a thoughtful sense of summer coolness and comfort.

The ""U"" curve design is a revolutionary approach to neck comfort. Based on ergonomic principles, it conforms to the natural contour of the neck, ensuring comfort and stability during prolonged wear. The wide inner contact surface further enhances the wearing experience, making cooling pack feel like your second skin, light and skin-friendly.

The ""Concave Space"" lid design is an innovation in user convenience. It provides ample space for users of different hand sizes, making it easy to twist open with minimal effort. The dual-sided groove design at the thread seal ensures a superior seal, preventing any leakage during use, alleviating users' concerns about potential leaks.

The combination of the 5.5cm ""earphones-style"" water inlet and the ""concave"" lid not only achieves visual harmony but also embodies our brand philosophy in practicality - attention to every detail, bringing consumers a fresh sensory experience. Cooling pack is not just a cooling tool but also a summer essential tailored to your lifestyle.

Choosing samply OutCool U-Flex Cooling Pack is choosing a people-centric design philosophy, an unwavering pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship, and a lifestyle attitude that showcases personality. This summer, we invite you to experience the coolness of summer and savor the quality of life."