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Harry A BurnsOutdoor Cyclist

I feel very good about this. Not only is it easy to carry, but it can also be used anytime and anywhere. It cools down quickly. Highly recommended!!!

Dorothy T AddisonTraveler

A good cooling tool is an essential companion for summer travel. This material is very convenient to use. It can be directly connected to water. It also cools down very quickly.


Before going out, just pour the ice or water frozen in the refrigerator directly into it. It is very convenient to put it in your bag when you go out. After putting it on, your neck will be cool and super comfortable.


I didn’t expect this to last so long and have such a good cooling effect.

Gracie GriffisPet Trainer

I do not feel too much pressure when you wear it on your neck, and the weight can be adjusted according to your own needs. When I go camping and boating, I wear it the whole time. With the sun above my head, I can still feel the coolness brought by it, which is very comfortable.


When this was filled with water, I thought there would be a sound of water colliding, but when I went out for a run today, I found that the sound was very small, which was beyond my expectation. The cooling effect is also really great.


Great looking and works great, I've received so many compliments on this poduct and just used in on a month long trip in Asia! What a lifesaver.

LuluTennis Enthusiastsv

Love it! Really cools me off!